Thundara SHG

サンダラSHG [thundara SHG] in Japanese. 'SHG' stands for 'shotgun'.



Type: Attack Magic, Rarity: Normal+, Max Level: 10
Target: target and narrow line in front of caster, Chain: Lightning, Element: Lightning
Stats (lv1): Magic attack 4, Lightning attack 14, Recast 50.67 sec, Style cost 6, Style strength 7
Stats (lv5): Magic attack ?, Lightning attack ?, Recast ? sec, Style cost ?, Style strength ?
Stats (lv10): Magic attack 6, Lightning attack 28, Recast 45.60 sec, Style cost 4, Style strength 43
Buy: - (sell: 600 gil ability, 150 gil recipe)
Obtain: Isqah Region (Investigate the island off the coast), various challenge battles and practices
Obtain Recipe: Isqah Region (Investigate the island off the coast, Investigate the land around the town), Eibon Region (Defeat the fiend guarding the underground cavern), request Thunder Trials 3, various challenge battles, Friend gacha
Synthesis: Thundara SHG Tome, Lightning Magicite x3, Lightning Ore x10, 150 gil, success 80.0%
Strengthen: 150 gil/80.0% (lv1), ? (lv5), ? (lv9), total cost ? gil
Description: Deals a magical Lightning-element attack on enemies in a set area before the caster.
Other: hits 8 times

Category: Ability

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