サンダジャ [thundaja] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Type: Black Magicks, Element: Magick / Lightning, MP: 48
Target: any, Range: 4 horizontal, any vertical, Radius: 3 horizontal, 3 vertical, Power: 32
Speed: 10 tics, Duration: -, Line of Fire: No
Reflect: No, Arithmeticks: No
Learn: Black Mage (900 JP), 30% chance to learn when a BLM is hit with it
Incantation: "Carve now there the anger of all spirits of heaven and earth! Thundaja!"
Effect: Magickal Lightning element attack
Other: Damage = Mag Atk x 32 x (Faith / 100) x (Target Faith / 100)

Record Keeper


Type: Black Magic, Rarity: ★★★★, Uses: 2-10
Target: single, Element: Lightning
Use: Deshi, Rinoa, Terra, Vanille, Vivi, Black Mage
Generate: Black Orb (Large) x5, Lightning Orb (Large) x8, 10,000 gil
Refine (lv2): Black Orb (Large) x10, Lightning Orb (Large) x15, 50,000 gil
Refine (lv3): Black Orb (Large) x20, Lightning Orb (Large) x30, 100,000 gil
Refine (lv4): Black Orb (Large) x30, Lightning Orb (Large) x45, 300,000 gil
Refine (lv5): Black Orb (Large) x50, Lightning Orb (Large) x75, 500,000 gil
Description: Deals magical Lightning element damage (effect: huge)

Category: Ability

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