Thieving Raid

シーフズレイド [thieves' raid] in Japanese.

Record Keeper


Type: Dragoon, Rarity: ★★★★★, Uses: 2-10
Target: single, Element: -
Use: Tyro, Faris, Leila, Locke, Rikku, Vaan, Yuffie, Zidane
Generate: Lightning Orb (Major) x6, Wind Orb (Major) x10, Dark Orb (Major) x6, 20,000 gil
Hone (lv2): Lightning Orb (Major) x12, Wind Orb (Major) x20, Dark Orb (Major) x12, 100,000 gil
Hone (lv3): Lightning Orb (Major) x24, Wind Orb (Major) x40, Dark Orb (Major) x24, 200,000 gil
Hone (lv4): Lightning Orb (Major) x36, Wind Orb (Major) x60, Dark Orb (Major) x36, 600,000 gil
Hone (lv5): Lightning Orb (Major) x60, Wind Orb (Major) x100, Dark Orb (Major) x60, 1,000,000 gil
Description: A single-target attack that attacks the more times the higher the user's SPD is (up to a maximum of 5). Drains part of the damage dealt as HP recovery for the user.

Category: Ability

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