エール [yell] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Type: Mettle / Huntcraft, Element: Physical, MP: -
Target: any, Range: 3 horizontal, any vertical, Radius: 1, Power: -
Speed: instant, Duration: battle, Line of Fire: No
Learn: Squire (Ramza) / Game Hunter (200 JP)
Effect: Raises SPD by 1

4 Heroes of Light

Type: Ability, AP: 2
Target: party, Duration: 3 turns, Element: -, Power: -
Speed: 100, Fixed Enmity: 10, Volatile Enmity: 10
Learn: Bard 1
Description: Sing a song to raise your party's attack power. Lasts 3 turns
Other: gives ATK and MATK x2 bonus
Other: as 'Ditty'

Record Keeper


Type: Soul Break, Rarity: -
Target: all allies, Element: -, Gauge cost: 1 bar
Learn: Ramza (equip Grand Armor (FFT))
Effect: Heals HP to all allies in proportion to their max HP (effect: moderate) and gives Protect

Category: Ability

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