There are two Japanese-language abilities that have both been translated as Swipe. The first is なぎ払い / なぎはらい [nagiharai] or 'mow down' in Japanese and is a monster ability. The second is エフューズ:スワイプ [effuse: swipe] and is a player skill.

Final Fantasy III

Power: 280, Weight: 25, Element: -, Target: all enemies
Use: Iron Giant
Description: deals non-elemental damage to all enemies, may cause instant death
Type: Monster Ability

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Effusion Ability
Learn at: RUN25, Use: any
Cast Time: instant, Recast: 1 min 30 sec, Duration: -
Range: ?, Radius: single, Cumulative Enmity: (dependant on damage), Volatile Enmity: (dependant on damage)
Description: Expends a single rune to deal damage to a target
Other: uses the rune last added, can magic burst
Other: (Weapon skill level x 0.75 + Magic damage+ level) x MAB / MDB, drop decimals after each step
Other: can be modified by merits, Aettir and Soulcleaver

Category: Ability

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