Super Jump

スーパージャンプ [super jump] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Ability
Learn at: DRG40, Use: any
Cast Time: instant, Recast: 3 min, Duration: -
Range: 12.5', Radius: single, Cumulative Enmity: 0, Volatile Enmity: 0
Description: Jumps out of targeted enemy's perception range
Other: does no damage, does not give TP to target or user, sets CE to 1 against all enemies the user has hate on, jumping airborne time ~5 sec during which user is invulnerable, wyvern uses Super Climb simultaneously
Other: under Spirit Surge recast is set to 0, the enmity of the closest party member behind the user (from mob's pov) gains enmity -50%
Other: can be modified by merits

Category: Ability

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