Subtle Blow

モクシャ [moksha] in Japanese. Moksha is a sanskrit word meaning 'being liberated from one's earthly woes' - or, quite simply, 'reaching nirvana'.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Trait
Description: Reduces amount of TP gained by enemies when striking them
Other: max is 50%, also affects spells
Other: TP gain (melee hits) = (Base TP + 3) x (1 - Subtle Blow%). TP gain (spells) = 10 x (1 - Subtle Blow%)
Other: can be modified by merits and various equips

Subtle Blow I
Learn at: MNK5, NIN15, DNC25
Other: reduce TP gain by 5%

Subtle Blow II
Learn at: MNK25, NIN30, DNC45
Other: reduce TP gain by 10%

Subtle Blow III
Learn at: MNK45, NIN45, DNC65
Other: reduce TP gain by 15%

Subtle Blow IV
Learn at: NIN60, MNK65, DNC86
Other: reduce TP gain by 20%

Subtle Blow V
Learn at: NIN75, MNK91
Other: reduce TP gain by 25%

Subtle Blow VI
Learn at: NIN91
Other: reduce TP gain by 27%

Category: Ability

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