Causes Paralyze. スタン [stun] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy I

Level 6 Black
Buy: Crescent Lake, 13,000 gil
Other: targets one foe only

Final Fantasy II

Type: Black Magic, Family: Body
Drop: ?
Treasure: Castle Deist
Description: Inflicts Paralysis on target

Final Fantasy XI

Black/Dark, 25 MP
Learn at: BLM 45, DRK 37
Casting: 0.5, recast: 45
Buy: Brave Oxe/Rabao, Mamaroon/Nashmau
Drop: Demon Wizard, Goblin Reaper, Mummy, Orcish Warlord, Orchish Zerker
Other: Temporarily prevents the enemy from acting

Category: Ability

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