ストンラ [stonera] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIV


Type: Conjury, MP: 420 @ lv 50
Learn at: CNJ22, Equip: all
Casting time: 3 s, Recast time: 30 s
Combo Action: Stone, Combo Bonus: Increased damage and conversion to single target
Description: Deals earth damage to target and enemies near it. Chance to inflict Heavy

A Realm Reborn


Type: Conjury, MP: 5 @ lv1, 133 @ lv50, 442 @ lv60
Learn at: CNJ22, Equip: CNJ, WHM
Cast time: 2.5 s, Recast: 2.5 s, Duration: -
Potency: 170, Range: 25 yalms, Radius: -
Description: Deals earth damage with a potency of 170
Other: as 'Stone II'

Record Keeper


Type: Black Magic, Rarity: ★★, Uses: 2-10
Target: single, Element: Earth
Use: Tyro, Aerith, Arc, Ashe, Barret, Braska, Celes, Echo, Exdeath, Fran, Fusoya, Golbez, Gordon, Hope, Kefka, Kimahri, Krile, Lenna, Leonhart, Lightning, Lulu, Maria, Mog, Papalymo, Quina, Quistis, Red XIII, Reno, Ricard, Rinoa, Rydia, Sazh, Seifer, Selphie, Sephiroth, Serah, Shantotto, Squall, Strago, Tellah, Terra, Vanille, Vivi, Y'shtola, Yuffie, Black Mage, Magus, Red Mage, Summoner
Generate: Black Orb (Lesser) x5, Earth Orb (Lesser) x8, 3,000 gil
Hone (lv2): Black Orb (Lesser) x10, Earth Orb (Lesser) x15, 5,000 gil
Hone (lv3): Black Orb (Lesser) x20, Earth Orb (Lesser) x30, 10,000 gil
Hone (lv4): Black Orb (Lesser) x30, Earth Orb (Lesser) x45, 30,000 gil
Hone (lv5): Black Orb (Lesser) x50, Earth Orb (Lesser) x75, 100,000 gil
Description: Deals Earth-element magical damage to target (effect: moderate)

Category: Ability

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