Steal an item from the target, if they have any.
盗む / ぬすむ [nusumu] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IV

Type: Command
Usable by: Edge
Obtain: initial ability

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Ability
Learn at: THF5, Use: any
Cast Time: instant, Recast: 5 min, Duration: -
Range: 4.4', Radius: single, Cumulative Enmity: 1, Volatile Enmity: 300
Description: Steals items from an enemy
Other: success rate is unknown, but can be raised with equipment
Other: can be modified by Aura Steal and various equipment

Final Fantasy XII

Type: Skill, MP: 0
Element: Physical / None, Accuracy: always hits
Target: enemies, Radius: single, Range: 3, Charge Time: 30
Long Range: yes, Magick Evasion: no, Safety Nullify: no, Reflect: no
Faith Effect: -, Recover MP: -, Remove Sleep/Confusion: no
License: Steal, LP: 15
Buy: 1,600 gil (sell: -)
Shop: Rabanastre
Obtain: initially on Vaan
Effect: Steals an item from one enemy. Is affected by Thief's Cuffs

4 Heroes of Light

Type: Ability, AP: 1
Target: front row enemy, Element: -, Power: -
Speed: 10, Fixed Enmity: 5, Volatile Enmity: 10
Learn: Bandit 1
Description: Try to steal an item from one of the foes
Other: starts trying to steal from the lowest possibility item, continues in order until succeeds in stealing from the target or fails at stealing any item from the target


Type: Unique Ability, AP Cost: 120, Power: -, Element: -
Cast time: -, Recast: 10 sec
Learn: Thief, Equip: Thief
Description: Steals an item the enemy is holding. Once something is stolen, no more can be stolen from the same enemy.


Type: Job Skill
Learn: Thief III, Skill level: ★★★
Fusion to: Sword users Luso; Gun users Balthier; Dagger users Locke, Rikku, Zidane; Katana users Edge, Izayoi; Shuriken users Yuffie
Description: Steals 1 item from among drop items at the end of the quest. Success probability 50%.

Category: Ability

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