Sonic Break

ソニックブレイク [sonic break] in Japanese.

Airborne Brigade


Cloud V (SR)
Type: Legend, Element: -, Growth: Normal, Charge: 54
Brave: 2,961 (lv1), 14,697 (lv240), 16,170 (lv270), 17,643 (lv300), 19,117 (lv330), 20,590 (lv360), 22,063 (lv390), 23,536 (lv420), 25,009 (lv450), 26,483 (lv480)
Ability: Sonic Break
Obtain: Shattered World Chaos defeat count reward

Record Keeper


Effect: Quickly attacks 3 times in succession
Learn: Cloud Strife (Level 1)
Type: Limit, Rarity: -
Target: single, Element: -, Gauge cost: 1 bar

Category: Ability

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