スロット [slot(s)] in Japanese.


Type: Job Skill
Learn: Gambler III, Skill level: ★★★
Fusion to: Staff users Selphie; H2H users Tifa (FF7CC); Instrument users Cait Sith; Cards users Setzer; Aura users Echo
Description: When the user attacks first during Break, they activate Slots.
Other: activates one of the following based on what slots result is received: Mysidian Rabbit (no special result), Prismatic Flash (3 diamonds), Toy Soldier (3 crowns), Lucky Girl (3 hearts), Mog Dance (3 stars), Summon (3 BARs), All Over (3 sevens), Down All (seven-seven-BAR)

Record Keeper


Type: Record Materia, Record Materia Level: 1, Rarity: -
Other: can become Fire, Blizzard or Thunder
Obtain: Limit Break Selphie
Effect: Attack occasionally becomes a magic attack

Category: Ability

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