Commonly an area-of-effect version of Silence. サイレガ [silega] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Type: Green Magic, MP: 22
Element: Magical, Accuracy: 55, Power: -
Target: enemies/allies, Radius: 6, Range: 10, Charge Time: 30
Long Range: yes, Magick Evasion: no, Safety Nullify: no, Reflect: yes
Faith Effect: accuracy x1.5, Recover MP: no, Remove Sleep/Confusion: no
License: Green Magick 5, LP: 45
Buy: 6,800 gil (sell: -)
Shop: Archades
Effect: Inflicts Silence on targets within area of effect



Type: Enfeebling Magic, Rarity: Rare, Max Level: 15
Target: AoE centered on caster, Chain: Skill, Element: Holy
Stats (lv1): Holy attack 30, Success rate ?, Duration 20.00 sec, Recast 53.33 sec, Style cost 7, Style strength ?
Stats (lv5): Holy attack ?, Success rate ?, Duration ? sec, Recast ? sec, Style cost ?, Style strength ?
Stats (lv10): Holy attack ?, Success rate ?, Duration ? sec, Recast ? sec, Style cost ?, Style strength ?
Buy: - (sell: 1,600 gil ability, 400 gil recipe)
Obtain: ?
Obtain Recipe: requests Request from a Soldier, Notification: Sewing Club 3
Synthesis: Silencega Tome, Holy Magicite x3, Wind Magicite, 800 gil, success 70.0%
Strengthen: 800 gil/70.0% (lv1), ? (lv5), ? (lv10), ? (lv14), total cost ? gil
Description: Make the enemies around the caster unable to use abilities for a set amount of time.

Record Keeper


Type: White Magic, Rarity: ★★★, Uses: 4-12
Target: single, Element: -
Use: Deshi, Aerith, Gordon, Lenna, Rinoa, Terra, Red Mage, White Mage
Generate: White Orb (Moderate) x5, Ice Orb (Moderate) x8, 5,000 gil
Refine (lv2): White Orb (Moderate) x10, Ice Orb (Moderate) x15, 200,000 gil
Refine (lv3): White Orb (Moderate) x20, Ice Orb (Moderate) x30, 50,000 gil
Refine (lv4): White Orb (Moderate) x30, Ice Orb (Moderate) x45, 100,000 gil
Refine (lv5): White Orb (Moderate) x50, Ice Orb (Moderate) x75, 300,000 gil
Description: Inflicts Silence status on target with high probability

Category: Ability

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