Is either ほんきだせ [honkidase] ('be serious!') or フリーファイト [free-fight] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Pet Command
Learn at: BST25, Use: any
Cast Time: instant, Recast: 1 min 30 sec, Duration: -
Range: 18', Radius: pet, Cumulative Enmity: 1, Volatile Enmity: 160
Description: Commands the pet to make a special attack
Other: special attack will be randomly selected from all the pet knows, special attack is only used once TP is greater than 100%, unless the pet knows spells (which are cast at below 100% TP)
Other: can be modified by merits, Ferine Manoplas, Nukumi Manoplas, Charmer's Merlin and Aymur
Other: ほんきだせ in Japanese

Final Fantasy XIV


Type: Pet Command
Learn: switch to a class or job capable of using at least Summon I or greater
Description: Order pet to attack.
Effect: stance command for when you want a pet to be aggressive
Other: フリーファイト in Japanese

4 Heroes of Light

Type: Ability, AP: 1
Target: random enemy, Element: -, Power: -
Speed: 10, Fixed Enmity: 10, Volatile Enmity: 20
Learn: Beastmaster 1
Description: Make a captured monster attack the enemy
Effect: Damage = Monster's Attack damage x 3
Other: 放つ / はなつ [hanatsu] or 'to release' in Japanese, so is a complete other ability from the others listed on this page

Category: Ability

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