サクリファイス [sacrifice] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IX

Type: Thief Skill, MP: 32
Usable by: Zidane Tribal
Obtain: ?
Other: Sacrifice yourself to restore HP and MP to others

Final Fantasy XI

Type: White Magic, Category: ?, MP: ?
Learn at: WHM 65
Casting: ?, recast: ?
Buy: ?
Other: transfers one enfeebling effect from target to self
Other: casting while under Afflatus Solace raises number and variety of transferred statuses


Type: Axe Skill, Equip Load: 30, AP Cost: 170
Target: area centered on target, Power: 140, Element: 100 Dark
Cast time: ?, Recast: 8 sec
Learn: 3,000 CP, Specialty: Dark Knight, Beastmaster
Unlock: learn Calamity, reach main quest ★★★ level
Description: Consumes HP to deal a physical Dark element attack on enemies. Damage taken while attacking is reduced

Category: Ability

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