ルインガ [ruinga] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIII

Type: Magical, Role: Commando, ATB Cost: 3
Target: AoE, Element: -, Power: x2.2, Fluctuation Margin: 9%
Learn: Lightning COM8, Snow COM8, Sazh COM7, Hope COM9, Vanille COM10, Fang COM8
Effect: Deal non-elemental magic damage to targets within a wide radius

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Ruinga (Paladin)
Type: Magical, ATB Cost: 4
Target: Enemy, Element: -, Power: x5.5, Fluctuation Margin: 14%
Chain Bonus Raise: 0.4, Time Extension: 40 s
Launch Height: 5, Cut Rate: 25, Keep Rate: 25
Learn: Paladin lv 6
Effect: Deals damage to the enemy with bullet of light that explodes. Inflicts Imperil and launches the enemy.
Other: Imperil inflict rate 4% for 20 sec

A Realm Reborn


Type: Summoning Magic, MP: 12 MP @ lv 1, 319 MP @ lv 50, 1061 MP @ lv 60
Cast time: 2.5 s, Recast: 2.5 s, Duration: -
Potency: 200, Range: 25 yalms, Radius: -
Learn at: SMN54 (quest), Use: SMN
Description: Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 200. MP cost reduced while in Dreadwyrm Trance
Other: as 'Ruin III'

Airborne Brigade


Type: STR, Element: -, Growth: Normal, Cost: 21
Attack: 1,640 (lv1), 7,699 (lv120), 9,227 (lv150), 10,754 (lv180), 12,282 (lv210), 13,810 (lv240)
Defence: 1,640 (lv1), 6,639 (lv120), 7,896 (lv150), 9,154 (lv180), 10,412 (lv210), 11,760 (lv240)
Obtain: event: Chaos Bahamut Attacks

Type: STR, Element: -, Growth: Fast, Cost: 17
Attack: 1,210 (lv1), 4,793 (lv100), 5,220 (lv125), 5,605 (lv150), 5,960 (lv175), 6,290 (lv200)
Defence: 1,200 (lv1), 3,943 (lv100), 4,270 (lv 125), 4,556 (lv150), 4,837 (lv175), 5,090 (lv200)
Obtain: event: Chaos Bahamut Attacks


Type: Limit Break
Attack Modifer: 1,100%, Break Modifier: 250%, Critical Chance: ★★
Use: Mage
Description: Attacks in a cone. Additional effect: Faith

Record Keeper


Type: Black Magic, Rarity: ★★★★, Uses: 2-10
Target: all enemies, Element: None
Use: Tyro, Ashe, Celes, Fusoya, Golbez, Hope, Krile, Lulu, Maria, Quistis, Red XIII, Reno, Rinoa, Rydia, Strago, Tellah, Terra, Vanille, Vivi, Black Mage
Generate: Black Orb (Large) x5, Holy Orb (Large) x3, Dark Orb (Large) x3, 10,000 gil
Hone (lv2): Black Orb (Large) x10, Holy Orb (Large) x6, Dark Orb (Large) x6, 50,000 gil
Hone (lv3): Black Orb (Large) x20, Holy Orb (Large) x12, Dark Orb (Large) x12, 100,000 gil
Hone (lv4): Black Orb (Large) x30, Holy Orb (Large) x18, Dark Orb (Large) x18, 300,000 gil
Hone (lv5): Black Orb (Large) x50, Holy Orb (Large) x30, Dark Orb (Large) x30, 500,000 gil
Description: Deals non-element magical damage to all enemies (effect: moderate)

Category: Ability

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