Resist Petrify

レジストペトリ [resist petri] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Trait
Description: Gives you a slight resistance against petrification
Other: affects both physical and ranged attacks
Other: resist the status entirely when procs

Resist Petrify I
Learn at: RDM10
Other: resist Petrify 10% of the time

Resist Petrify II
Learn at: RDM30
Other: resist Petrify 15% of the time

Resist Petrify III
Learn at: RDM50
Other: resist Petrify 20% of the time

Resist Petrify IV
Learn at: RDM70
Other: resist Petrify 25% of the time

Resist Petrify V
Learn at: RDM81
Other: resist Petrify 30% of the time

Category: Ability

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