リポーズ [repose] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: White Magic, Category: Divine Magic, MP: 26
Learn at: WHM 48
Casting: 4.5 s, Recast: 30 s
Buy: Sororo/Bastok Markets
Description: Puts an enemy to sleep
Other: overwrites Sleep, Horde Lullaby and Foe Lullaby, but will not overwrite Sleep II

Final Fantasy XIV


Type: Conjury, MP: 224 @ lv 50
Learn at: CNJ50, Equip: CNJ
Cast time: 3 s, Recast: 30 s
Description: Inflicts target with Sleep

A Realm Reborn


Type: Conjury, MP: 8 @ lv1, 213 @ lv50, 707 @ lv60
Learn at: CNJ26, Equip: CNJ, WHM
Cast time: 2.5 s, Recast: 2.5 s, Duration: 30 s (PvP 8 s)
Potency: -, Range: 30 yalms, Radius: -
Description: Inflicts target with Sleep. Duration: 30s (PvP 8s). Cancels auto-attack upon execution

Final Fantasy Tactics

Type: Mystic Arts, Element: -, MP: 24
Target: any, Range: 4 horizontal, any vertical, Radius: 2 horizontal, 1 vertical, Power: 170
Speed: 6 tics, Duration: 60 tics, Line of Fire: No
Reflect: Yes, Arithmeticks: Yes
Learn: Mystic (350 JP)
Incantation: "Fading consciousness in the blue sea, the sinking darkness. Seal consciousness in quietude… Repose!"
Effect: Inflicts Sleep
Other: Success rate = (Mag Atk + 170) x (Faith / 100) x (Target Faith / 100)
Other: 夢邪睡符 [mujasui fu] or 'dream wicked sleep charm', which is a different ability from the others on this page

Category: Ability

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