Quickenings of FFXII

Quickenings are the equivalent of Limit Attacks in Final Fantasy XII. Unlike in some other games, they can be performed any time, as long as you have MP.

There are three levels of Quickenings - first level only takes up one bar of MP, while the last one takes up all three bars. To gain the strongest finishing moves, you have to do multiples of each level, and that's where Mist Charge comes in. More of Mist Charge below.
Quickenings have a straightforward effect on your MP also in that when you have no Quickenings or only one, you can only have the maximum number of MP the maximum shows. But when you gain your second Quickening, you can have twice that amount - that is, you gain a second MP bar. At the third Quickening, you gain a third bar - your maximum MP can be three times the numeric amount the game tells you.

Quickenings are learned through the License Board. There are a total of 18 Quickening Licenses at the Board, but none of them are designated to a single person. This way, you can learn any of them with one person - although one person per License only, as when you learn a Quickening through a License on one person, that License disappears from the Boards of other people. Similarly, when you have learned your third Quickening, the rest of the Quickening Licenses on that Board disappear - you cannot learn more than three Quickenings on one person.

When you initiate a Quickening chain with one person, your two other active party members will be drawn into it, too. However, not everyone can do every attack every turn. The game gives you a random deal of the learned Quickenings that you have enough MP to execute, and you must choose between the choices given to you. Should there be no choices given that turn, press R2, which shuffles the choices again. You need to be careful, however, as there is a timer, and you need to do your choices before it counts down to zero. With each attack made, the timer available becomes less and less, and to reach the highest ending moves - Concurrences, you need to have luck as well as quick reflexes.

Mist Charge

When you initiate a Quickening chain, sometimes along with the normal Quickenings you have learned from the License Board, another option becomes available. This is Mist Charge, and it can appear on any character without needing to be learned through the License Board. What Mist Charge does is charge your MP completely - even if you had just previously used a level three Quickening, after using a Mist Charge you can do so again.

To reach the highest level Concurrences, you need to use Mist Charge frequently. It is a good habit of getting into to pick Mist Charge over a normal attack any time it shows up - unless you have already picked one Mist Charge that turn, and the time is running out. Should the time run out before you pick the next attack to execute, Mist Charge won't come into effect.


These are the regular Quickenings, learned through the License Board. No matter what, they are learned in this order - for example, you cannot get Maelstrom's Bolt before first getting Heaven's Wrath.

The power of the Quickenings are listed below. It doesn't change by person, but the damage done is nevertheless different, as your characters will most likely have different base powers.

Level 1 - 90
Level 2 - 140
Level 3 - 230


Level 1 - Northswain's Glow
Level 2 - Heaven's Wrath
Level 3 - Maelstrom's Bolt


Level 1 - Fires of War
Level 2 - Tides of Fate
Level 3 - Element of Treachery


Level 1 - Fulminating Darkness
Level 2 - Ruin Impendent
Level 3 - Flame Purge


Level 1 - Feral Strike
Level 2 - Whip Kick
Level 3 - Shatterheart


Level 1 - Intercession
Level 2 - Evanescence
Level 3 - Resplendence


Level 1 - Red Spiral
Level 2 - White Whorl
Level 3 - Pyroclasm


These are the ending moves. They depend on what Quickenings you have managed to pull off in your chain. They are listed from lowest to highest, and even if you fulfill the requirements for both (or many), the highest-level Concurrence is always performed. Similarly, the Concurrences lower on the list deal out more damage than the ones in the beginning.
Each Concurrence is associated with an element, but don't actual do damage of that element. This is so you don't have to worry about healing your enemies, should they happen to absorb an element.

Perform level 1 Quickenings three times.
Element: Fire
Power: 90

Perform level 1 Quickenings eight times
Element: Thunder
Power: 110

Perform level 2 Quickenings three times
Element: Water
Power: 130

Wind Burst
Perform level 2 Quickenings six times
Element: Wind
Power: 155

Perform level 3 Quickenings five times
Element: Ice
Power: 215

Ark Blast
Perform two Quickenings of each level
Element: Earth
Power: 175

Perform three Quickenings of each level
Element: Holy
Power: 205

Black Hole
Perform four Quickenings of each level
Element: Dark
Power: 253

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