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花粉 [kafun] or 'pollen' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Blue, 8 MP, 1 BMP
Learn at: BLU 1
Casting: 2, recast: 5
Stats: HP +5, CHR +1, Type: ?
Learn from: Bumblebee, Davoi Hornet, Davoi Wasp, Death Jacket, Death Wasp, Digger Wasp, Giant Bee, Giddeus Bee, Huge Hornet, Huge Wasp, Killer Bee, Maneating Hornet, Miner Bee, Soldier Pephredo, Soul Stinger, Spider Wasp, Temple Bee, Volcano Wasp, Water Wasp, Worker Pephredo, Yhoator Wasp
Other: Restores HP

Category: Ability

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