オーバーパワー [overpower] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIV


Type: Weaponskill, TP: 250
Learn at: MRD30, Equip: DoW
Cast time: (instant), Recast: 5 sec
Description: Attacks targets in a cone before you. Can only be used immediately after parrying an attack

A Realm Reborn


Type: Weaponskill, TP: 130
Learn: MRD12, Use: MRD, WAR
Cast time: (instant), Recast: 2.5 s, Duration: -
Potency: 120, Range: 8 yalms, Radius: 8 yalms (conal)
Combo from: -, Combo into: -
Description: Delivers an attack with a potency of 120 to all enemies in a cone before you. Additional Effect: Increased enmity


Type: Job Skill
Learn: Warrior III, Skill level:
Fusion to: Sword users Lightning, Thancred, Ramza, Celes, Noel, Tidus, Vaan, Firion, Luneth, Yuri, Luso; Spear users Fang, Kain, Mog; Bow users Fran; H2H users Zell, Tifa, Umaro; Greatsword users Cloud, Leonhart; Dagger users Rikku; Katana users Tenzen, Cyan, Ayame; Card users Ace
Description: Raises the user's Strength by 3 pt while attacking, up to a maximum of 100 pt. Point accumulation resets after being unable to participate in attacking due to a misplaced tile.

Category: Ability

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