Note that in most Final Fantasies where this word appears, it refers to ninjutsu-type abilities, not an ability called Ninjutsu like the ones detailed on this page.
忍術 / にんじゅつ [ninjutsu] in Japanese.

A Realm Reborn


Type: Ninja Ability
Learn: NIN30 (quest), Use: NIN
Cast time: (instant), Recast: 20 s, Duration: -
Potency: -, Range: (varies), Radius: (varies)
Description: Executes a specific ninjutsu action coinciding with the combination of mudras made immediately beforehand. If any other ability, spell, or weaponskill is used before the mudras are combined and the ninjutsu executed, the action will fail. The recast timer will begin cooldown upon ninjutsu execution, or when a mudra timer runs out. Shares a recast timer with the mudras Ten, Chi, and Jin
Other: according to the mudras used, this ability changes into Rabbit Medium, Fuma Shuriken, Raiton, Katon, Suiton, Doton, Huton or Hyoton until it's either used, or it fails due to timer expiring or another ability being used and Ninjutsu becomes Rabbit Medium

Airborne Brigade


Type: AGI, Element: -, Growth: ?, Cost: ?
Attack: 2,310 (lv1), ? (lv120), ? (lv150), ? (lv180), ? (lv210), ? (lv240)
Defense: 2,410 (lv1), ? (lv120), ? (lv150), ? (lv180), ? (lv210), ? (lv240)
Obtain: ?

Type: AGI, Element: -, Growth: ?, Cost: ?
Attack: ? (lv1), ? (lv100), ? (lv125), ? (lv150), ? (lv175), ? (lv200)
Defense: ? (lv1), ? (lv100), ? (lv125), ? (lv150), ? (lv175), ? (lv200)
Obtain: ?


Refia I (SR summon)
Type: Legend, Element: -, Growth: Normal, Charge: 54
Brave: 2,975 (lv1), ? (lv240), ? (lv270), ? (lv300), ? (lv330), ? (lv360), ? (lv390), ? (lv420), ? (lv450), 26,609 (lv480)
Ability: Ninjutsu
Obtain: (FF3 event?)

Category: Ability

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