Nether Maelstrom

裏水磨龍穴 [ura suima ryuuketsu] or 'reverse water polish dragon hole' in Japanese. The counterpart of this ability is Maelstrom.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Type: Nether Mantra, Element: Magick / Water, MP: -
Target: any, Range: 4 horizontal, any vertical, Radius: 2 horizontal, 3 vertical, Power: 46
Speed: 6 tics, Duration: -, Line of Fire: No
Learn: Netherseer (400 JP)
Incantation: "Become a dragon claw of rainwater, and know the impure body that must be ripped apart! Nether Maelstrom!"
Effect: A Water element Magick attack. Hits 1-10 times on random tiles within radius.
Other: Damage = 0.5 x Mag ATK x (Mag ATK + 46) x ((100 - Faith) / 100) x ((100 - Target's Faith) / 100)

Category: Ability

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