分身 / ぶんしん [bunshin] ('one's other self') in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IV

Type: Ninjutsu, MP: 5
Casting: 2 seconds
Learn: Edge lv 0
Effect: casts Blink on the user

4 Heroes of Light

Type: Ability, AP: 2
Target: self, Duration: until used, Element: -, Power: -
Speed: 100, Fixed Enmity: 7, Volatile Enmity: 15
Learn: Ninja 2
Description: Create a copy of the character to avoid physical attacks, makes two copies


Type: Job Skill
Learn: Ninja III, Skill level:
Fusion to: H2H users Amarant; Katana users Edge, Izayoi, Sephiroth; Shuriken users Yuffie
Description: When the user attacks first they cast a mirage that will let them evade any attack directed at them. Is consumed after evading once. Effect duration: 1 turn.

Record Keeper


Mirage I
Type: Limit, Rarity: -
Target: self, Element: -, Gauge cost: 1 bar
Learn: Ninja level 1
Effect: Evades one close-range attack.

Category: Ability

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