Mincing Minuet

ウイズナイブス in Japanese. There are several guesses as to what this could be ('with knives', 'witch knives', etc), but none are confirmed to be right. The original official translation was 'Wiznaibus', although the translation in that game was known to be incredibly bad.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Type: Dance, Element: Magick, MP: -
Target: all enemies, Range: -, Radius: -, Power: 10
Speed: 6 tics, Duration: -, Line of Fire: No
Learn: Dancer (100 JP)
Effect: Lowers HP
Other: Damage = Phys ATK + Power

Airborne Brigade


Type: INT, Element: -, Growth: Normal, Cost: 27
Attack: 2,290 (lv1), 10,749 (lv120), 12,882 (lv150), ? (lv180), 17,147 (lv210), 19,280 (lv240)
Defense: 2,280 (lv1), 9,171 (lv120), 10,908 (lv150), ? (lv180), 14,382 (lv210), 16,120 (lv240)
Obtain: event: The Lost Truth

Type: INT, Element: -, Growth: Normal, Cost: 19
Attack: 1,590 (lv1), 6,962 (lv100), 8,319 (lv125), 9,676 (lv150), 11,033 (lv175), 12,390 (lv200)
Defense: 1,630 (lv1), 6,555 (lv100), 7,798 (lv125), 9,042 (lv150), 10,286 (lv175), 11,530 (lv200)
Obtain: event: The Lost Truth

Category: Ability

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