ものまね [monomane] or 'mimic' in Japanese.

Dissidia NT

Type: EX Skill (General)
Obtain: Player Level 19
Target: self, Range: ∞, Recast: 60 s, Duration: -
Effect: Copy all buffs from target enemy for each of their durations

Final Fantasy Tactics

Type: Mimic, Element: (varies), MP: -
Target: any, Range: any, Radius: any, Power: (varies)
Speed: instant, Duration: -, Line of Fire: (varies)
Learn: Mime (default)
Effect: Activated by a Mime after a party member takes an action. Does the exact same action in the exact same distance in the direction the Mime is facing. Does not copy abilities of special character jobs
Other: this ability activates automatically and never by command
Other: Damage = Phys Atk x (random from 1-2)

Category: Ability

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