メテオ [meteo] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy III

Type: Black Magic, Level: 8, Power: 170
Use (Player): Magus, Sage, Onion Knight
Use (Monsters): Ahriman, Behemoth, Echidna, Iron Giant, King Behemoth, Xande
Buy: 60,000 gil
Shop: Eureka
Description: Rains astral bodies upon the enemy. Sometimes damages allies
Other: hits four times

Final Fantasy IV

Type: Black Magic, MP: 99
Casting: 10 seconds
Learn: Fusoya lv 0, Palom lv 55, Rydia lv 80, Sage Tellah (event)

Final Fantasy IX

Type: Black Magic, MP: 42
Learn from: ?

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Black Magic, Category: Elemental Magic
Other: Deals massive non-elemental damage to enemies within a large area of effect
Other: Only usable by mobs

A Realm Reborn

Type: Limit Break Ability, Level: 3
Use: BLM
Cast time: 5 s, Recast: 45 s, Duration: -
Potency: 6150, Range: ?, Radius: ?
Description: Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 6150 to all enemies near point of impact

Final Fantasy Tactics

Type: Time Magicks, Element: Magick, MP: 70
Target: any, Range: 4 horizontal, any vertical, Radius: 4 horizontal, 3 vertical, Power: 40
Speed: 20 tics, Duration: -, Line of Fire: No
Reflect: No, Arithmeticks: No
Learn: Time Mage (1,500 JP)
Incantation: "The time has come. Rain down a broken star upon the heads of those who can't be forgiven! Meteor!"
Effect: Deals a magick attack
Other: Damage = Mag Atk x 40 x (Faith / 100) x (Target Faith / 100)

Tactics Advance

Type: Alchemy, MP: 40
Range: 3
Learn with: Alchemist
Learn from: Scorpion Tail (300 AP)


Type: Time Magic, Equip Cost: 60, AP Cost: 420
Target: frontal cone, Power: 270, Element: -
Cast time: ?, Recast: 12 sec
Learn: 10,000 CP, Specialty: Time Mage, Sage
Unlock: learn Quick, Quakega and Imperil, reach main quest ★★★★★ level
Description: Drops large stones in front of the caster that deal a huge amount of magical damage to enemies
Other: doesn't activate any magic counter abilities

Airborne Brigade


Vivi I (SR summon)
Type: Legend, Element: Thunder, Growth: Normal, Charge: 54
Brave: 2,729 (lv1), 13,545 (lv240), 14,903 (lv270), ? (lv300), ? (lv330), ? (lv360), ? (lv390), ? (lv420), ? (lv450), ? (lv480)
Ability: Meteor
Obtain: event: Shattered World (green chocobo)

Record Keeper


Type: Black Magic, Rarity: ★★★★★, Uses: 2-10
Target: all enemies, Element: -
Use: Deshi, Golbez, Maria, Rinoa, Tellah, Terra, Vivi
Generate: Black Orb (Huge) x10, Void Orb (Huge) x6, Flame Orb (Huge) x3, Earth Orb (Huge) x6, 50,000 gil
Refine (lv2): Black Orb (Huge) x20, Void Orb (Huge) x12, Flame Orb (Huge) x6, Earth Orb (Huge) x12, 100,000 gil
Refine (lv3): Black Orb (Huge) x30, Void Orb (Huge) x18, Flame Orb (Huge) x9, Earth Orb (Huge) x18, 300,000 gil
Refine (lv4): Black Orb (Huge) x50, Void Orb (Huge) x30, Flame Orb (Huge) x12, Earth Orb (Huge) x30, 500,000 gil
Refine (lv5): Black Orb (Huge) x100, Void Orb (Huge) x60, Flame Orb (Huge) x15, Earth Orb (Huge) x60, 1,000,000 gil
Description: Deals non-elemental magical damage to all targets (effect: huge)

Category: Ability

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