マントラ [mantra] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Ability
Learn at: MNK75 (Merit), Use: any
Cast Time: instant, Recast: 10 min, Duration: 3 min
Range: self, Radius: ?, Cumulative Enmity: 1, Volatile Enmity: 300
Description: Increases the max HP of party members within area of effect
Other: increases max HP by 4% per merit level. Effect can't be stacked. Overwrites item-based HP max increases
Other: can be modified by merits and Melee Gaiters +2

A Realm Reborn


Type: Pugilist Ability
Learn: PGL42, Use: DoW classes, DoM classes, BRD, DRG, MNK, NIN, WAR
Cast time: (instant), Recast: 120 s, Duration: 15 s
Potency: -, Range: 0, Radius: 25 yalms
Description: Increases HP recovery via curing magic by 5% for self and nearby party members
Other: modified by Enhanced Mantra


Type: Job Skill
Learn: Monk III, Skill level:
Fusion to: Spear users Freya; H2H users Sabin, Yda
Description: All party members' restoration effect is increased by 10%

Category: Ability

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