There are two original Japanese abilities that have been translated as 'Manafont' in English. The first is 魔力の泉 [maryoku no izumi] or 'fountain of magic strength' in Japanese. The second is MP回復移動 [MP kaifuku idou] or 'MP restoration movement'.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Special Ability
Learn at: BLM1, Use: BLM
Cast Time: instant, Recast: 1 h, Duration: 1 min
Range: self, Radius: self, Cumulative Enmity: 1, Volatile Enmity: 0
Description: Allows spellcasting without using MP
Other: has a hidden trait to guarantee no spell interruption from attacks
Other: can be modified by Sorcerer's Coat +2
Other: 魔力の泉 in Japanese

Final Fantasy Tactics

Type: Movement Ability
Learn: Mystic (350 JP)
Effect: Restores 1/10 of max MP every time you move
Other: MP回復移動 in Japanese


Type: Job Skill
Learn: Black Mage III, Skill level:
Fusion to: Sword users Nabaat; Greatsword users Ashe; Dagger users Penelo; Axe users Ingus; Rod users Palom, Papalymo, Krile, Vivi, Arc, Shantotto; Blasting Edge users Rinoa; Boomerang users Hope; Aura users Kuja, Zemus
Description: Lowers the ability charge required for black magic by 10%.
Other: 魔力の泉 in Japanese

Record Keeper


Manafont I
Type: Record Materia, Record Materia Level: 1, Rarity: -
Obtain: Limit Break Black Mage
Effect: At the start of the battle the bearer recovers 1 Black Magic use with a set percentage
Other: 魔力の泉I in Japanese

Manafont II
Type: Record Materia, Record Materia Level: 2, Rarity: -
Obtain: clear Castle Hein (Force) Hein battle with Black Mage alive in your party
Effect: At the start of the battle the bearer recovers 1 Black Magic use with a set percentage
Other: 魔力の泉II in Japanese


When the Record Materia feature was released in Record Keeper, some abilities used a different icon set. Manafont abilities were some of these. They were later changed to standardized ones, but the originals are displayed below.

ability_manafont1_ffrk.png ability_manafont2_ffrk.png

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