Magical Wall
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Final Fantasy XIII

Obtain: 2 or more of the below equips
Weapons: Altair, Banescissor Spear, Brightwing Staff, Canopus AMPs, Deneb Duellers, Eagletalon, Edged Carbine, Hawkeye, Orochi Rod, Partisan, Pearlwing Staff, Punisher, Razor Carbine, Rhomphaia, Rod of Thorns, Solaris, Umbra, Vega 42s
Accessories: Auric Amulet, Blessed Talisman, Diamond Bangle, Gold Bangle, Magician's Mark, Magus's Bracelet, Rune Bracelet, Saint's Amulet, Shaman's Mark, Sorcerer's Mark, Soulfont Talisman, Weirding Glyph, Witch's Bracelet
Description: Negates 5, 10, 20, or 30 points of damage from each magical attack.

Magical Wall: 5
Obtain: Exactly 2 equips

Magical Wall: 10
Obtain: Exactly 3 equips

Magical Wall: 20
Obtain: Exactly 4 equips

Magical Wall: 30
Obtain: Exactly 5 equips

Category: Ability

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