Magic of FFXI

This page lists the spells available in Final Fantasy XI. To see other abilities, check here.

The spells in Final Fantasy XI are divided into six different main categories - Black Magic, White Magic, Blue Magic, Ninjutsu, Songs and Summons.
Each White and Black spell also has a further category of Dark, Divine, Elemental, Enfeebling, Enhancing and Healing. In addition, they are each given an element to further individualize them. Elements are Earth, Dark, Fire, Ice, Light, Lightning, Water and Wind. Ninjutsu and Summoning have their own skills, while songs have several skills that affect them - Singing, String and Wind.
Blue spells are also given an element, but their secondary category is different. Blue spells are divided according to the type of the enemy they are acquired from, and the type of damage they deal.

More of spell categories and elements in the Basic Guide.


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