Limit Attacks

Limit attacks are attacks born from desperation. They can be executed only under special circumstances, sometimes with great cost. Really the only thing in common for the limit attacks is that they are character-specific and cannot be used by another character in the same game.

These have been known under various titles over the years, such as Bands (FF4TAY), Desperation Attacks (FF6), Limit Breaks (FF7, FF8, FF14), Trances (FF9), Overdrives (FF10), Quickenings (FF12), Digital Mind Wave (FF7CC), EX Mode (Dissidia), Triad Maneuvers (Type-0), Limit Bursts (FFBE), Premium Skills (FFP) and Soul Breaks (FFRK).

By default, only instant kill attacks are displayed. Please pick another option below to view other attacks, or check out Advanced Usage.

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