Light Arts

白のグリモア [shiro no grimoire] or 'white grimoire' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Ability
Learn at: SCH10, Use: any
Cast Time: instant, Recast: 1 min, Duration: 2 h
Range: self, Radius: self, Cumulative Enmity: 0, Volatile Enmity: 80
Description: Optimizes white magic capability while lowering black magic proficiency. Grants a bonus to divine, enhancing, and healing magic
Other: grants access to Light Arts stratagems, Divine, Enhancing and Healing magic skill is brought to skill level B+ (no change if skill is higher than that), White Magic MP cost -10%, Black Magic MP cost +20%, White Magic recast and casting time -10%, Black Magic recast and casting time +20%, overwrites and is overwritten by Dark Arts
Other: Regen effect per tic increased by (User's level / 10 - 1) x 3, drop decimals (+24 HP/tic at lv 99), and duration increased by (User's level / 10 - 1) x 6, drop decimals (+48 sec at lv 99)
Other: can be modified by merits, Scholar's Pants, Scholar's Loafers, Argute Mortarboard, Academic's Pants and Academic's Loafers

Category: Ability

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