Life's Anthem

There are two original Japanese-language abilities that are both translated as 'Life's Anthem'. The first is 回復の歌 / かいふくのうた [kaifuku no uta] or 'song of restoration' in Japanese. The second is 命の詩 [inochi no uta] 'song of life'.

Final Fantasy IV

 Type: Bardsong
Casting: 4 seconds
Learn: level 10, with the Bardsong ability
Effect: A song that gradually heals HP. Effect ends with the song.
Other: 回復の歌 in Japanese

Final Fantasy Tactics

Type: Bardsong, Element: -, MP: -
Target: all allies, Range: -, Radius: -, Power: 10
Speed: 6 tics, Duration: -, Line of Fire: No
Learn: Bard (100 JP)
Effect: Restores HP with 100% hit rate
Other: Healing = Mag ATK + Power
Other: 命の詩 in Japanese

Category: Ability

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