Revives a KO’d ally. マレイズ [maraise] in Japanese. Note that in the past, the 'Raise' spell was often translated as 'Life'. However, these two are different spells entirely, and the data for such incorrectly translated spells can be found on the Raise page.

Tactics Advance

Type: Sagacity, MP: 12
Range: 4
Learn with: Sage
Learn from: Life Crosier (300 AP)
Other: if the target is already alive, heals HP instead of missing
Other: was translated as 'Raise' since in those times, the regular Raise was translated as 'Life'

Record Keeper


Type: White Magic, Rarity: ★★★★, Uses: 2-10
Target: single, Element: -
Use: Tyro, Aerith, Agrias, Arc, Beatrix, Cecil Harvey (Paladin), Eiko, Exdeath, Fusoya, Garnet, Hope, Kuja, Lenna, Minwu, Mog, Penelo, Porom, Relm, Rosa, Selphie, Tellah, Vanille, Y'shtola, Yuna, Devout, White Mage
Generate: White Orb (Greater) x5, Wind Orb (Greater) x3, Holy Orb (Greater) x3, 12,000 gil
Hone (lv2): White Orb (Greater) x10, Wind Orb (Greater) x6, Holy Orb (Greater) x6, 60,000 gil
Hone (lv3): White Orb (Greater) x20, Wind Orb (Greater) x12, Holy Orb (Greater) x12, 120,000 gil
Hone (lv4): White Orb (Greater) x30, Wind Orb (Greater) x18, Holy Orb (Greater) x18, 300,000 gil
Hone (lv5): White Orb (Greater) x50, Wind Orb (Greater) x30, Holy Orb (Greater) x30, 600,000 gil
Description: Restores a large amount of HP to a single ally, or if they're KO'd recovers a single ally from KO
Other: restores about the same amount of HP as Curaga

Category: Ability

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