ラーニング [learning] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Hidden Trait
Learn at: BLU1
Effect: Allows Blue Magic to be learnt
Other: to learn Blue Magic, the BLU must be in the party with claim on the enemy, the enemy must be in the level range to give exp to the BLU, their Blue Magic skill must be up to the level required learn the skill, the BLU must be alive at the end of the fight, and the enemy must have used the learnable skill at least once, if conditions are fulfilled there is a chance the BLU will learn the skill upon the enemy's death
Other: only in effect on BLU main
Other: can be modified by Magus Bazubands
Other: as 'Learning'

Tactics Advance

Learn with: Blue Mage
Learn from: Blue Saber (400 AP)
Other: as 'Learning'


Type: Default Ability
Learn: Blue Mage
Description: Becomes able to learn Blue Magic by seeing certain enemy abilities
Other: as 'Learning'

Category: Ability

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