Fists of Fire

紅蓮の構え [guren no kamae] or 'crimson stance' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIV


Type: Pugilist Ability
Learn at: PGL34, Equip: PGL
Recast: 10 sec, Duration: (until cancelled)
Description: Converts your attacks into fire attacks and grants a bonus to attack power. Effect fades upon reuse. MP is consumed while effect is active. Cannot be used simultaneously with Fists of Earth

A Realm Reborn


Type: Monk Ability
Learn: MNK40 (quest), Use: MNK
Cast time: (instant), Recast: 3 s, Duration: 2 s
Potency: -, Range: 0, Radius: 0
Description: Increases damage dealt by 5%. Cannot be used with Fists of Earth or Fists of Wind, and shares recast timer with both. Effect ends upon reuse

Category: Ability

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