エンパシー [empathy] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Trait
Learn at: DRG75 (Merit)
Description: Copies beneficial status effects to wyvern when using Spirit Link
Other: one buff is copied per merit level, buffs are copied from in order from left to right (same buff potency and duration), any buff the wyvern already has is skipped over, if wyvern has 100% HP when Spirit Link is used no HP is lost from the user
Other: copyable buffs are Aquaveil, Bar-spells, Berserk, Blink, Cocoon, Defender, elemental spikes, Enspells, Flee, Haste, Hasso, Last Resort, Mantra, Metallic Body, Protect, Shell, Refresh, Regain, Regen, Sambas, Seigan, songs, Souleater, Stoneskin, Third Eye, Utsusemi, Warcry
Other: can be modified by merits and Wyrm Greaves +2

Category: Ability

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