There are two Japanese-language abilities that are both translated as Elude. The first is 残像回避 [zanzou kaihi] or 'afterimage evasion'. The second is 受け流し [ukenagashi] or 'elude' in Japanese. Note that this ability's name also corresponds with the Parrying stat in some FF titles.

Final Fantasy XIII

Type: Status, Role: Sentinel, ATB Cost: 1
Target: Self, Element: -, Power: -, Fluctuation Margin: -
Learn: Lightning SEN3, Hope SEN5
Effect: Defend with a high probability of evading enemy attacks
Other: 残像回避 in Japanese


Type: Dagger Skill, Equip Load: 45, AP Cost: 120
Target: ?, Power: 15, Element: 100 Slash
Cast time: ?, Recast: 1 sec
Learn: 10,000 CP, Specialty: Thief
Unlock: learn Wall and Trick Attack, reach main quest ★★★ level
Description: Eludes all attacks and counters them. May inflict Stop
Other: 受け流し in Japanese

Category: Ability

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