Elemental Celerity

エレメントセレリティ [element celerity] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Trait
Description: Quickens elemental magic spellcasting
Other: note that without modifiers such as this ability casting happens at 75% of cast time
Other: does not affect recast. Counts towards 80% cast time reduction cap, stacks with Fast Cast

Elemental Celerity I
Learn at: BLM50, GEO55
Other: modifier 0.1, casting happens at 67.5% of cast time

Elemental Celerity II
Learn at: BLM60, GEO80
Other: modifier 0.15, casting happens at 63.75% of cast time

Elemental Celerity III
Learn at: BLM70
Other: modifier 0.2, casting happens at 60% of cast time

Elemental Celerity IV
Learn at: BLM80
Other: modifier 0.25, casting happens at 56.25% of cast time

Elemental Celerity V
Learn at: BLM90
Other: modifier 0.3, casting happens at 52.5% of cast time

Category: Ability

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