地震 / じしん [jishin] or 'earthquake' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy III

Earthquake (Geomancy)
Target: all enemies, Element: Earth, Power: ?
Use: randomly activated when using Terrain in desert areas as well as Altar Cave, Bahamut's Lair, World of Darkness, and others
Effect: shakes the earth to deal damage

Earthquake (Monster Ability)
Power: 75, Weight: 4, Element: Earth, Target: all enemies
Use: Aeon, Oceanus, Yormungand
Description: deals earth element damage to all enemies
Type: Monster Ability

Final Fantasy V

Type: Monster Ability
Effect: ?
Targets: all allies or all enemies
Usable: Hydra, Undergrounder, Yellow Dragon


Type: Premium Skill (Job Change! (Ingus) result)
Target: all enemies, Element: Physical, Power: 2,000
Other: randomly activated by Job Change! (Ingus type)

Record Keeper


Earthquake (Soul Break)
Type: Soul Break, Rarity: -
Target: all enemies, Element: Earth, Gauge cost: 1 bar
Learn: all characters (equip Gaia Blade (II))
Effect: Deals a magical Earth-element attack on all enemies


Earthquake (Final Fantasy XIII)
Type: Soul Break, Rarity: -
Target: all enemies, Element: Earth, Gauge cost: 1 bar
Learn: Hope (equip Airwing (XIII))
Effect: Deals a magical Earth element attack on all targets and lowers their attack strength for a set period of time
Other: damage dealt is ~x5.6 that of Fire damage
Other: アースクエイク [earthquake] in Japanese, which makes this ability different from the others on this page. It is based on the FF13 ability of the same name

Earthquake (Legend of Mana)
Type: Ability (Monster)
Target: all enemies, Element: magical Earth
Use: Dark Lich (Earthquake Lv8)
Description: Deals Earth element damage to all enemies
Other: アースクエイク [earthquake] in Japanese
Other: Note that this ability did not originate in the Final Fantasy series, but was instead added during a collaboration event with the Legend of Mana series.

Category: Ability

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