Dragon Kick

双竜脚 [souryuukyaku] or 'double dragon feet' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIV


Type: Weaponskill, TP: 2,000
Learn at: MNK45 (quest), Equip: MNK
Cast time: (instant), Recast: 60 s
Combo: Sucker Punch, Bonus: Chance to render target unable to use weaponskills
Description: Delivers a two-fold melee attack

A Realm Reborn


Type: Weaponskill, TP: 60
Learn: MNK50 (quest), Use: MNK
Cast time: (instant), Recast: 2.5 s, Duration: 15 s (debuff), 10 s (form)
Potency: 100 (150 flank), Range: 3 yalms, Radius: 0
Combo from: Snap Punch, Demolish, Rockbreaker, Combo into: True Strike, Twin Snakes, One Ilm Punch
Description: Delivers an attack with a potency of 100. 150 when executed from a target's flank. Opo-opo Form Bonus: Reduces target's blunt resistance and INT by 10%. Cannot be stacked with the Delirium status. Additional Effect: Changes form to raptor

Airborne Brigade


Type: STR, Element: -, Growth: Slow, Cost: 28
Attack: 2,240 (lv1), 11,392 (lv120), 15,063 (lv150), 19,124 (lv180), ? (lv210), 28,290 (lv240)
Defence: 2,240 (lv1), 10,355 (lv120), 13,610 (lv150), 17,212 (lv180), ? (lv210), 25,340 (lv240)
Obtain: Moore Region (Phoenix Desert, Great Forest)

Type: STR, Element: -, Growth: Slow, Cost: 18
Attack: 1,380 (lv1), 6,555 (lv100), 8,635 (lv125), ? (lv150), ? (lv175), ? (lv200)
Defence: 1,410 (lv1), 6,511 (lv100), 8,561 (lv 125), ? (lv150), ? (lv175), ? (lv200)
Obtain: Moore Region (Phoenix Desert, Great Forest)

Category: Ability

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