デシェル [deshell] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIII

Type: Magical, Role: Saboteur, ATB Cost: 1
Target: Single, Element: -, Power: x0.3, Fluctuation Margin: -
Base Success Rate: 40%, Base Duration: 160 s, Effect: mag res -89%
Learn: Lightning SAB2, Sazh SAB2, Vanille SAB1, Fang SAB8
Effect: Reduce target's magic resistance and deal magic damage

Brave Exvius


Type: Green Magic, Level: 3, MP: 8
SPR Lower: 20%, Duration: 3 turns
Learn: Cerius r3/lv33, Fran r4/lv43, Hope r4/lv60, Tim r4/lv21, Vanille r4/lv45, Bedile r3/lv35
Esper: Carbuncle, Diabolos, Ramuh, Shiva, Siren
Obtain Recipe: locked chest in Kohl
Crafting: Crystallized Wind, Crystallized Dark x3, Tear of the Land, Alcryst, 1,000 gil, 1 h
Effect: Lowers one enemy's spirit
Number: 0048, Rarity: ★★★

Record Keeper


Type: Limit, Rarity: -
Target: all enemies, Element: -, Gauge cost: 1 bar
Learn: Vanille (Level 1)
Effect: Deals a magical attack on all enemies and lowers their Magic Defense

Category: Ability

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