Defend (Command)

Defend (ディフェンド [defend] or 防御 / ぼうぎょ [bougyo] in Japanese) is the basic defending action in Final Fantasies. It is used to reduce damage taken, and once activated works until the character is ready for their next command input or until a specified time has passed, as dictated by the game's own rules.
Defend in RPG-style games is usually one of the bottom options in the battle menu, or else hidden and can be revealed by pushing an arrow button to the side. In action games the button or button combo it's tied to varies greatly.

Defend is a command that's not available in all games. Sometimes it's also known as Guard, although the latter case is not to be confused with the ability Guard.


RPG-style Games
FF1-FF7, FF9-FF10, FF13
FF4TAY, 10-2, 13-2

Action-style Games


Final Fantasy I-VII

Final Fantasy I through Final Fantasy VII had this already learned and available on every party member. Present in Final Fantasy III as 'Wait'.

Crisis Core

Effect: You guard for a moment, taking no or less damage when successful
Acquire: available by default
Use: press the triangle button. This presumes that no alternative defensive ability is set through materia


Effect: You guard for a moment, taking less damage than usually
Acquire: available by default
Use: Assign to X button as a defensive ability instead of any other defensive ability

Record Keeper

Effect: You guard until given another command, taking less damage than usually
Acquire: available by default, unlimited charges. Is overwritten with another ability during Burst Mode

Defend (Ability)

There are two original Japanese-language abilities that are both translated as 'Defend'. The first is 防御 [bougyo] or 'defense' in Japanese. The second is 守る / まもる [mamoru] or 'protect' in Japanese.
Either ability is present only in games where the generic Defend command isn't there.

Final Fantasy VIII

Effect: Enables you to use the command Defend – you defend for one turn
AP Required: 100
GF: Brothers, Cactuar

Final Fantasy Tactics

Type: Support Ability
Learn: Squire (regular/Ramza/Delita/Argath) / Holy Knight (Agrias/Delita) / Machinist / Game Hunter / Skyseer / Netherseer / Templar / Sky Pirate / Sword Saint / Dragonkin / Soldier / Fell Knight / Princess / Astrologer / Cleric / Divine Knight (50 JP)
Effect: Doubles Evasion rate until next turn
Other: 防御 in Japanese

Record Keeper


Defend (Soul Break)
Type: Soul Break, Rarity: -
Target: self, Element: -, Gauge cost: 1 bar
Learn: Ingus (default)
Effect: Gives Protect and Shell statuses to the user
Other: 守る in Japanese

Defend (Legend of Mana)
Type: Ability (Monster)
Target: single, Element: -
Use: Mantis Ant
Description: Makes target invincible
Other: ぼうぎょ in Japanese
Other: Note that this ability did not originate in the Final Fantasy series, but was instead added during a collaboration event with the Legend of Mana series. The FF ability with the same Japanese name is regular Defend

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