打剣 [daken] or 'hit sword' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Trait
Description: When equipped with a shuriken, occasionally throws the shuriken when autoattacking
Other: shuriken thrown isn't used, gives a RACC +100 bonus when shuriken is thrown, doesn't give any TP, deals close-ranged piercing damage
Other: can be modified by Sange

Daken I
Learn at: NIN25
Other: proc rate 20%

Daken II
Learn at: NIN40
Other: proc rate 25%

Daken III
Learn at: NIN55
Other: proc rate 30%

Daken IV
Learn at: NIN70
Other: proc rate 35%

Daken V
Learn at: NIN95
Other: proc rate 40%

Category: Ability

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