チャージ [charge] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IX

Type: Sword Skill, MP: 10
Usable by: Adelbert Steiner
Obtain: ?
Other: Makes all party members near KO attack
Other: not the same as the other abilities on this page
Other: as Charge!

Final Fantasy XII

Type: Skill, MP: 0
Element: Physical / None, Accuracy: -
Target: self, Radius: single, Range: -, Charge Time: 40
Long Range: no, Magick Evasion: no, Safety Nullify: no, Reflect: no
Faith Effect: -, Recover MP: no, Remove Sleep/Confusion: no
License: Charge, LP: 30
Buy: 1,700 gil (sell: -)
Shop: Rabanastre (after Barheim)
Effect: Recovers the user's MP, but MP is reduced to 0 if Charge fails. Recovered MP is between User's Level and User's Level x 1.33 (rounded down). Success Rate = User's Current MP / User's Max MP x 100 + 1

Airborne Brigade


Charge +20
Type: AGI, Element: -, Growth: Slow, Cost: 29
Attack: 2,590 (lv1), 12,926 (lv120), 17,071 (lv150), 21,658 (lv180),26,648 (lv210), 32,010 (lv240)
Defense: 2,690 (lv1), 12,436 (lv120), 16,344 (lv150), 20,669 (lv180), 25,374 (lv210), 30,430 (lv240)
Obtain: event: Truth is Forever
Other: as 'Aim +20'

Type: AGI, Element: -, Growth: Slow, Cost: 20
Attack: 1,740 (lv1), 8,266 (lv100), 10,888 (lv125), 13,790 (lv150), 16,947 (lv175), 20,340 (lv200)
Defense: 1,720 (lv1), 7,944 (lv100), 10,455 (lv125), 13,213 (lv150), 16,224 (lv175), 19,460 (lv200)
Obtain: event: Truth is Forever


Charge +1
Type: AGI, Element: -, Growth: Slow, Cost: 16
Attack: 1,290 (lv1), ? (lv80), ? (lv100), ? (lv120), ? (lv140), ? (lv160)
Defense: 1,310 (lv1), ? (lv80), ? (lv100), ? (lv120), ? (lv140), ? (lv160)
Obtain: event: Truth is Forever
Other: as 'Aim +1'

Type: AGI, Element: -, Growth: Slow, Cost: 12
Attack: 970 (lv1), ? (lv60), ? (lv75), ? (lv90), ? (lv105), 9,260 (lv120)
Defense: 910 (lv1), ? (lv60), ? (lv75), ? (lv90), ? (lv105), 7,720 (lv120)
Obtain: event: Truth is Forever

Record Keeper


Type: Physical Attack, Rarity: ★★, Uses: 2-10
Target: single, Element: -
Use: Deshi, Cecil (Dark Knight&Paladin), Cloud, Cyan, Josef, Kain, Luneth, Sephiroth, Snow, Tidus, Tifa, Wakka, Warrior of Light, Knight, Ranger, Warrior
Generate: Strength Orb (Small) x5, Void Orb (Small) x8, 3,000 gil
Refine (lv2): Strength Orb (Small) x10, Void Orb (Small) x15, 6,000 gil
Refine (lv3): Strength Orb (Small) x20, Void Orb (Small) x30, 12,000 gil
Refine (lv4): Strength Orb (Small) x30, Void Orb (Small) x45, 35,000 gil
Refine (lv5): Strength Orb (Small) x50, Void Orb (Small) x75, 120,000 gil
Description: Preparation time is long, but deals a strong attack

Category: Ability

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