カオス [chaos] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Type: Physical, ATB Cost: 5
Target: Enemy, Element: -, Power: x1.2, Fluctuation Margin: 4%
Chain Bonus Raise: 4.0, Time Extension: 4 s
Launch Height: -, Cut Rate: 35, Keep Rate: 50
Learn: Sorcerer lv 6
Effect: Threefold physical attack. Deals Wound damage equal to 80% of dealt damage. Inflicts Debrave, Defaith, Deprotect, Deshell, Daze and Curse
Other: despite being a physical attack, is compared against enemy's magic resist stat
Other: Daze 12% chance for 10 sec, Curse 12% chance for 15 sec, others 17% chance for 30 sec
Other: displayed Chain Bonus raise and time extension only when status effects stick, if they don't then raise is 1.8-3.8 and time extension 1.17 sec

Category: Ability

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