ブレイブ [brave] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy IV

Type: Twincast, MP: 50
Casting: 10 seconds
Other: with Edge+Cecil or Edge+Rydia
Other: multiple-target

Final Fantasy XII

Type: Green Magic, MP: 24
Element: Magical, Accuracy: always hits, Power: -
Target: allies/enemies, Radius: single, Range: 10, Charge Time: 30
Long Range: yes, Magick Evasion: no, Safety Nullify: no, Reflect: yes
Faith Effect: no, Recover MP: no, Remove Sleep/Confusion: no
License: Green Magick 6, LP: 50
Buy: 5,800 gil (sell: -)
Shop: Muthru Bazaar (defeat 16 Marks)
Effect: Gives Brave to the target (increases physical attack)

Final Fantasy XIII

Type: Buff, Role: Synergist, ATB Cost: 2
Target: Single, Element: -, Power: -, Fluctuation Margin: -
Base Duration: 150 s, Effect: STR +40%
Learn: Lightning SYN1, Snow SYN5, Sazh SYN1, Hope SYN8
Effect: Raise target's Strength

Airborne Brigade


Type: INT, Element: -, Growth: Fast, Cost: 13
Attack: 850 (lv1), 3,091 (lv80), 3,359 (lv100), 3,601 (lv120), ? (lv140), ? (lv160)
Defense: 860 (lv1), ?2,826 (lv80), 3,061 (lv100), 3,273 (lv120), ? (lv140), ? (lv160)
Obtain: event: Deathgaze's Onslaught

Type: INT, Element: -, Growth: Fast, Cost: 9
Attack: 580 (lv1), ? (lv60), ? (lv75), ? (lv90), ? (lv105), ? (lv120)
Defense: 580 (lv1), ? (lv60), ? (lv75), ? (lv90), ? (lv105), ? (lv120)
Obtain: event: Deathgaze's Onslaught

Brave Exvius


Type: Green Magic, Level: 4, MP: 8
ATK Raise: 20%, Duration: 3 turns
Learn: Alma r5/lv1, Cerius r4/lv42, Ovelia r4/lv28
Obtain Recipe: locked chest in Dwarven Foundry
Crafting: Crystallized Fire x5, Large Crystallized Fire x3, Tear of the Land x5, Alcryst, 800 gil, 30 min
Effect: Raises the attack power of one ally
Number: 0112, Rarity: ★★★★

Record Keeper


Type: Soul Break, Rarity: -
Target: single, Element: -, Gauge cost: 1 bar
Learn: Sazh level 1
Effect: Raises the target's attack strength

Category: Ability

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