Blood Pact: Ward

契約の履行:験術 [keiyaku no rikou: genjutsu] or 'fulfillment of the pact: omen skill' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Pet Command
Learn at: SMN1, Use: any
Cast Time: instant, Recast: 1 min, Duration: (varies)
Range: (varies), Radius: (varies), Cumulative Enmity: 0, Volatile Enmity: 0
Description: Orders the Avatar to use support abilities
Other: enables use of the Ward abilities of Avatars
Other: this ability acts as a container for all the Ward type abilities (that is to say, they are all considered to be Blood Pact: Ward and all share the recast timer), only the current Avatar's Wards can be used
Other: can be affected by various equipment (delay)

Level Blood Pact: Ward Level Blood Pact: Ward Level Blood Pact: Ward
1 Altana's Favor (Cait Sith) 36 Whispering Wind (Garuda) 65 Healing Ruby II (Carbuncle)
1 Healing Ruby (Carbuncle) 37 Ultimate Terror (Diabolos) 82 Earthen Armor (Titan)
1 Raise II (Cait Sith) 38 Crimson Howl (Ifrit) 84 Tidal Roar (Leviathan)
20 Somnolence (Diabolos) 39 Sleepga (Shiva) 86 Fleet Wind (Garuda)
21 Lunar Cry (Fenrir) 42 Lightning Armor (Ramuh) 88 Inferno Howl (Ifrit)
24 Shining Ruby (Carbuncle) 43 Ecliptic Growl (Fenrir) 90 Diamond Storm (Shiva)
25 Mewing Lullaby (Cait Sith) 44 Glittering Ruby (Carbuncle) 92 Shock Squall (Ramuh)
25 Aerial Armor (Garuda) 46 Earthen Ward (Titan) 94 Soothing Ruby (Carbuncle)
28 Frost Armor (Shiva) 47 Spring Water (Leviathan) 96 Heavenward Howl (Fenrir)
29 Nightmare (Diabolos) 48 Hastega (Garuda) 98 Pavor Nocturnus (Diabolos)
30 Reraise II (Cait Sith) 49 Noctoshield (Diabolos) 99 Pacifying Ruby (Carbuncle)
31 Rolling Thunder (Ramuh) 54 Ecliptic Howl (Fenrir) 99 Hastega II (Garuda)
32 Lunar Roar (Fenrir) 55 Eerie Eye (Cait Sith) 99 Soothing Current (Leviathan)
33 Slowga (Leviathan) 56 Dream Shroud (Diabolos) 99 Crystal Blessing (Shiva)

Category: Ability

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