Blood Pact: Rage

契約の履行:幻術 [keiyaku no rikou: genjutsu] or 'fulfillment of the pact: illusion skill' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Pet Command
Learn at: SMN1, Use: any
Cast Time: instant, Recast: 1 min, Duration: -
Range: self, Radius: self, Cumulative Enmity: 0, Volatile Enmity: 0
Description: Orders the Avatar to use special attacks
Other: enables use of the Rage abilities of Avatars, the ACC and MACC of them all is affected by Summoning magic skill
Other: this ability acts as a container for all the Rage type abilities (that is to say, they are all considered to be Blood Pact: Rage and all share the recast timer), only the current Avatar's Rages can be used
Other: can be affected by various equipment (damage, delay)

Level Blood Pact: Rage Level Blood Pact: Rage Level Blood Pact: Rage
1 Inferno (Ifrit) 10 Fire II (Ifrit) 65 Eclipse Bite (Fenrir)
1 Earthen Fury (Titan) 10 Stone II (Titan) 65 Nether Blast (Diabolos)
1 Tidal Wave (Leviathan) 10 Water II (Leviathan) 70 Flaming Crush (Ifrit)
1 Aerial Blast (Garuda) 10 Aero II (Garuda) 70 Mountain Buster (Titan)
1 Diamond Dust (Shiva) 10 Blizzard II (Shiva) 70 Spinning Dive (Leviathan)
1 Judgment Bolt (Ramuh) 10 Thunder II (Ramuh) 70 Predator Claws (Garuda)
1 Searing Light (Carbuncle) 10 Crescent Fang (Fenrir) 70 Rush (Shiva)
1 Howling Moon (Fenrir) 19 Thunderspark (Ramuh) 70 Chaotic Strike (Shiva)
1 Ruinous Omen (Diabolos) 21 Rock Buster (Titan) 75 Zantetsuken (Odin)
1 Punch (Ifrit) 23 Burning Strike (Ifrit) 75 Perfect Defense (Alexander)
1 Rock Throw (Titan) 26 Tail Whip (Leviathan) 75 Meteor Strike (Ifrit)
1 Barracuda Dive (Leviathan) 30 Double Punch (Ifrit) 75 Geocrush (Titan)
1 Claw (Garuda) 35 Megalith Throw (Titan) 75 Grand Fall (Leviathan)
1 Axe Kick (Shiva) 50 Double Slap (Shiva) 75 Wind Blade (Garuda)
1 Shock Strike (Ramuh) 55 Meteorite (Carbuncle) 75 Heavenly Strike (Shiva)
1 Camisado (Diabolos) 60 Fire IV (Ifrit) 75 Thunderstorm (Ramuh)
1 Regal Scratch (Cait Sith) 60 Stone IV (Titan) 75 Level ? Holy (Cait Sith)
1 Deconstruction (Atomos) 60 Water IV (Leviathan) 76 Holy Mist (Carbuncle)
1 Chronoshift (Atomos) 60 Aero IV (Garuda) 78 Lunar Bay (Fenrir)
5 Poison Nails (Carbuncle) 60 Blizzard IV (Shiva) 80 Night Terror (Diabolos)
5 Moonlit Charge (Fenrir) 60 Thunder IV (Ramuh) 99 Conflag Strike (Ifrit)
99 Volt Strike (Ramuh)
99 Crag Throw (Titan)
99 Blindside (Diabolos)
99 Regal Gash (Cait Sith)

Category: Ability

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